Turkamed Foreign Trade Inc. has been established to sell medical materials on international trade arena. With its principle of quality service and high quality product variety, Turkamed Foreign Trade Inc. has been proceeding with clear steps to become the leader of both the industry leader company and the other raw material sector as the export leader as a result of years of serious progress in Turkey. Turkamed Foreign Trade Inc. also supplies raw materials to various sectors such as construction, agriculture, automotive, medical, white goods with its plastic based products. It carries out commercial transactions for these sectors with its expert staff in modern offices equipped with state of the art technology in Istanbul - Umraniye Central Office and Istanbul - Yesilkoy and is getting closer to its goal of being one of the leading companies in the sector Turkamed Foreign Trade Inc. is the pioneer of the pvc sector and medical raw material trade, taking the principle of making the trade of ecological and innovative products to leave sustainability and a livable environment for future generations. As of 2016, the number of personnel working in Turkagroup is 45. Turkamed Foreign Trade Inc., which believes in the most precious element insider concept, continuously organizes in-service trainings in order to increase its corporate experience and knowledge. 100% domestic capital Turkamed Foreign Trade Inc., is the leading company in the sector that takes its strength and root from these lands. He invests in this country and his national stance is important. Success is focused and social responsibility is observed. It transforms knowledge into technology for the development of your country and your industry.

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